Busch Surfaces

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Busch Surfaces:

Busch surfaces are made up of varying grass, weed, and stone mats for the realistic finish of greenery and stone within the scene. The static grass mats have 6mm long blades of grass which is about an adult Busch figurine’s knee-length. You can also cut/ trim the glass to create realistic natural growth effects. The sizes of the mat fit within the H0 scale.The {name} falls under the subtype {mdm_subtype}. 

Dive into the Miniature World with Modelomondo;s Busch Surfaces

Imagine a canvas that is as diverse as the real world, right in your home. Sounds intriguing, doesn;t it? At Modelomondo, we make this possible with our collection of Busch Surfaces.

Small in Size, Big on Realism

Ever dreamed of recreating a bustling cityscape or tranquil country scene on your coffee table? With Modelomondo;s surfaces, you can. These aren;t just toys, they;re realistic reproductions that bring the magic of the outdoors right to your living room.

Why Choose Modelomondo?

Why should you go with us? At Modelomondo, we;re experts in high-quality hobby products. Our track record since 2004 and more than 80,000 orders delivered speak for themselves. We don;t just sell products, we offer a full experience.

Exclusive Benefits with Modelomondo

Did you know that at Modelomondo, you get free shipping on orders over €300 and buyer protection up to €2500? Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.

Surfaces: The Spirit of the Outdoors at Your Fingertips

You don;t have to be a seasoned traveler to appreciate the thrill of diverse landscapes. With Modelomondo;s surfaces, you bring the excitement and beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Your Next Modeling Adventure Awaits

Ready to take your model hobby to a new level? Explore the range of surfaces at Modelomondo. Come on, dive into the modeling adventure that only Modelomondo can offer! What are you waiting for? Visit https://www.modelomondo.com/uk_uk/busch/landscapes/surfaces now and start exploring the wonders of the outdoors. We;ll see you there!
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